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Sofosbuvir suppliers

Sofovir Tablets

Sofovir one box contains 28 Tablets. Sofovir medicine contains generic salt content Sofosbuvir 400 Mg. Sofovir is manufactured by Hetero Pharmaceuticals. Sofovir 400 Mg is known as Indian Sovaldi. 


  • Medicine Name : Sofovir Tablets 
  • US TRADE Name: Sovaldi Tablets 
  • Content: Sofosbuvir 400 Mg
  • Manufactured by: Hetero
  • Packing: 28 tablets 
  • Supplied as: Available 400 Mg Tablets

Warning: Sofovir  is a prescription drug and should be used under proper medical guidance and advice. Do not share the medicine with others, since they may be suffering from a problem that is not effectively treated by this drug.